Friday, August 08, 2008

That's Probably Not Good...

Russia has invaded Georgia, a democratic country, and the two countries are now at war.

Via Reuters:

MEGVREKISI, Georgia (Reuters) - Russia sent forces into Georgia on Friday to repel a Georgian assault on the breakaway South Ossetia region and Georgia's pro-Western president said the two countries were at war...

...A senior Russian military commander said parts of Russia's 58th army were approaching the rebel capital, where fighting raged between Russian-backed separatists and Georgian forces sent in on Friday to seize it.

Seeing as this is the opening day of the Olympics, it will be interesting to see what the media decides to cover: a new war or the sporting event intended to promote peace between countries. Eh.

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JTapp said...

I posted on it as well. The BBC has some good footage in English, including a CNN interview with Saakasvhili.