Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Star Trek Trailer Kicks All Kinds Of @$$

High def trailer here. The best part is: Trekkies HATE it.

I've never been a huge Star Trek fan. I do enjoy a lot of it, but most of time I found it waaaay to sterile and utopian. I DID enjoy Star Trek II and VI (movies) and Deep Space 9, but most of the other stuff was kind of "meh". But this trailer of the new Star Trek reboot movie is what I need to like Star Trek again. Make it grittier. Make it less "perfect". Make it FUN. The trekkies (hardcore trek fans) HATE that.

Dear Trek nerds,

This movie is not for you. It's an attempt to make Star Trek interesting again for people who don't know or care what a "nacelle" is. This movie is for MissSpeech, or any one else who hates sci-fi BECAUSE OF STAR TREK.

I hope this movie is successful, just to spite you.


The GreatMoose


Joey said...

Been keeping up with this movie for quite a while now, and one site I visit often (www.themovieblog.com) has the spot on perspective on it. Basically Star Trek is a dead franchise both financially and creatively. The last couple movies weren't great, and didn't bring in the needed dough to keep it alive. The latest series Enterprise was a joke, and Voyager was mediocre at best.

Basically the hardcore Trekkies weren't keeping the franchise alive. So a reboot is in order to resurrect it. If the Trekkies end up liking it, that's great, but honestly Mr. Abrams and the studio don't care, because Trekkies couldn't keep it alive to begin with.

You can blame all this decline on the writing and creative forces behind Star Trek, but when it's boils down to it...money talks. No matter whose fault it is, the result is the same.

I too am looking forward to this movie with guarded optimism and hope it can live up to the awesomeness of the trailer.

Greatmoose said...

Well put, sir. That's what I'm hoping for, at least. A Star Trek that doesn't cater to the freaking trekkies.

Zack said...

I, for one, hope the trekkies stick around though. For they are fun to point and laugh at.

Greatmoose said...

And throw things at.

Zack said...