Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Fighting Keyboardists

Concerning the interweb support for the Iranian revolution, I felt it necessary to list the different regiments, and the function of each.

The 101st Chairborne Infantry Division - (A catch all for most interweb units) - "Duty, Honor,"

The 1337th Fighting Keyboards Mechanized Division (providing proxies, DDoSing sites, and such)- "From dev/null We Stab At Thee"

Special Forces who are simply Anonymous (The ones on the ground in Iran twittering) - "Alone, Unarmed, Unafraid"

32nd Mechanized Heavy Farktillary Division - "Baffle them with brilliance, or bombard them with bullshiat."

501st Hacktivists division (hacking sites) - "What's that on our webp... OH GOD, MY EYES! KILL IT WITH FIRE!"

The Irregular Internet Militia - Everybody else

58008th SAC Squadron, - tasked with moving and lifting the 101st Chairborne Division as part of 1st Joint Task Conundrum.

The 404th Logistical Support Battalion (proxies) - "We Hide With Pride So Others May Be Found"

Special Investigations: Tatsuma Unit - "Because isn't kosher."

I am a proud member of both the 1337th AND the 32nd. Sort of an inter-service thing.
We're currently working on unit patches, I'll post them when available.

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JDTapp said...

Glad you're doing what you can.

I'm a little sad/anxious that our president didn't preemptively make statements condemning what could be a bloodbath tomorrow. If he had said "We denounce any possible reprisals against peaceful demonstrators," that would have gone a long way. Now we just have to sit and watch what happens.