Monday, June 15, 2009

It Has A Name: The Green Revolution

So the revolution has a name now: The Green Revolution. The GreatMoose offers his solidarity to these folks. Wish there was more I could do. When I get home, I may try to see if I can support the hacking attacks 4chan has broiled up. If nothing else, I'll make a Proxy server that Iranians can use to bypass the government blocks and filters. If you'd like to help try this: , and then put in the target site you'd like to help overload. Here's some suggestions: (Ahmedinejad's site)

Set that to reboot that page as much as possible and help bring down the gov't servers. If you'd like to set up a proxy server for iranian citizens to use, go here:


There's some SERIOUSLY disturbing tweets out there, one of them from Change_for_Iran:

"it's worth taking the risk, we're going. I won't be able to update until I'm back. again thanks for your kind support and wish us luck"

And no one has heard from him since. That was several hours ago. Persianwiki is still around, talking about how plainclothes Basij (milita members, brownshirts, if you will) are massing near a basij station, waiting for something...

we only want freedom - we are peaceful - we have no life no future in IRI without freedom - #Iranelection 39 minutes ago from web
we are all tired - no sleep for 3 days - one of us is injured from baton - waiting for doctor #Iranelection 44 minutes ago from web
it is very hard here - we are under big pressure and risk - we are being tracked on twitter - #Iranelection about 1 hour ago from web
thanks to all people following us and trusting us. we are trying to give you correct info - #Iranelection about 1 hour ago from web
more than 100 students missing from Tehran Uni dorms - reports of several dead from last night #Iranelection about 1 hour ago from web
unconfirmed - up to 7 dead in Azadi sq today #Iranelection about 1 hour ago from web

pedestrians avoid military baraks off Pasdaran St - something is going to happen from there - #Iranelection about 1 hour ago from web
large number of plain clothes with bikes hiding in military barraks off Pasdaran - dont know what they are planning - #Iranelectionabout 1 hour ago from web

The tweets from this morning and the Tehran University attack were extremely unnerving. people crying out for help on twitter as they are being attacked... and follow along.

UPDATED EARLIER POST. Also, I've changed the color scheme to Iranian green as a show of support.

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